We provide  Comprehensive Fleet Management Solution to our commercial

No fleet size is too big or small.  We cover complete range of service for your
vehicle fleet.

As a business owner you are always looking to save money without
compromising service.  Everyone makes claims to save you money but very
few can actually deliver it.  Here is our way to help you improve your bottom line
without compromising on service.

Your vehicles are lifeblood of your business.  You have to make sure your
vehicles are running at top efficiency in order to get most out of them.  At the
same time maintaining vehicles is a necessary evil for you.  Money spend on
your vehicle maintenance is a huge cost and you would be ready to reduce it
as much as possible.  Gasoline expense is one of the biggest expenses.  As a
business owner you constantly struggle to answer following questions.

How do I reduce my gasoline bill in this increasing gas price market?
How do I reduce my vehicle’s repair expense?
How do I reduce the down time for my vehicles and eliminate or reduce
unforeseen repair expenses?
How do I extend the life of my vehicle?

Dave’s Managed Vehicle Maintenance Program (MVMP) is the answer to your

Commercial Customers